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This course will take you through the complete process of changing your relationship with food and your body in a way that will move you towards health and transformation. I will take you through the exact same steps of freedom that I take my personal coaching clients through in our one-on-one sessions, we will explore what the heart of God is and how to join your health freedom journey to the heart and perspective of God.

About the Spirit, Mind, & Body Health Course

Course details: 

  • 26 videos with activations/homework and meditations.  
  • When you buy the course, you have lifetime access to the content, you can go through it as many times as you want.  
  • Registration cost is $497: The content in this course is over a $3,000 value compared to the price of personal coaching with me.  
  • Normal registration at the price of $497 will be available December 16th-January 10th.
  • Registration will close January 10th (We plan to only open registration twice a year, so if you want to do the course NOW IS THE TIME!!!) 

You will learn how to: 

  • Reset your perspective around the way you see this world, and how you fit into it. 
  • Get freedom and breakthrough in the way you see your body with self acceptance and love.
  • Break shame. 
  • Break self-hatred and negative thinking. 
  • Learn about what the biggest hidden obstacles are in your health journey, how they prevent you from getting to a healthy weight, and how to overcome them.  
  • Learn how to get healthy and lose extra weight without the use of diets or gimmicks, just by learning how to utilize the natural instincts God gave you.  
  • Heal your relationship with food, and overcome food addiction.  
  • Learn how to retrain your brain around food how to eat and enjoy food without over-eating. 
  • How to overcome PCOS naturally.  
  • How to overcome poverty mentality around food 
  • How to bring real change in your life that will last the rest of your life.  
  • How to heal your mind body and spirit in a way that leads to total life transformation.  
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What people are saying

About the Spirit, Mind, and Body Course

“Where do I begin, this course is life changing!! It gives you the freedom and permission to start loving yourself NOW and not waiting to be perfect as well as a Godly outlook on what a kingdom mindset on food and body image is supposed to be. Pietze and God outdid themselves💕”


"Pietze’s spirit, mind, and body course has changed my life. I have learned about why I have not loved my body and myself , what my triggers to trying to control food are, and have worked through how to love myself well through Jesus. Pietzes course broke down the hard truths by uncovering the lies I have believed and I have begun to walk into freedom with my body. I look In the mirror and smile and thank God for all he’s made instead of cringing at telling my body to change in hate."


Session List

  1. The Foundation
  2. The Problem 
  3. Redefining good and bad
  4. The Deep Stuff
  5. The road to your subconscious 
  6. Breaking shame
  7. Processing pain 
  8. Self hatred & Negative Talk
  9. Compassion, kindness, & love
  10. Processing emotions.
  11. Triggers
  12. The road to change
  13. Victim thinking
  14. Gratitude
  15. Changing your beliefs.
  16. Guard your heart & thoughts 
  17. Your why 
  18. A Different Way
  19. Developing a relationship with your body
  20. Understanding & Breaking Addiction
  21. Understanding & Breaking Poverty Mentality with food
  22. Making peace with Food 
  23. Developing a reward mentality
  24. Moving for joy
  25. Journal for life
  26. Working it Out
  27. Eating Fully Present
  28. Jumpstarts and Cleanses VS Intuitive eating
  29. Food allergies/health concerns
  30. Creating healthy swaps
  31. PCOS
  32. Wrap up video

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